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Profits Driven Book

Profits Driven Book is an 81 page book written to show you how to use your accounting and accounting reports to:

  • How to be a super star CFO in your business, even if you do not know accounting.
  • You need more sales to make your business profitable, right? Wrong! Learn the secrets of successful business owners, who spend 10 minutes a week looking at simple reports that make them very successful and very profitable. See page 5.
  • 2 reports to review weekly to control your business costs and boost profits.
  • Where to find profits in your company, now.
  • How to eliminate wasteful spending and boost profits.
  • You should never have to worry about having enough money in the bank to meet this weeks’ payroll.
  • Why your accountant will not help you. This is not work your local accountant typically does or has the experience in. This is a both accounting and finance, and your accountant most likely does not have these finance skills.
  • Say goodbye to poor cash flow. See how to cut expenses and boost profit on page 29.
  • The truth about why some business owners make a killing and whys most get killed. These battle tested simple weekly procedures take about 10 minutes a week and the successful swear by them. See case study on page 6 & 7 that walks you through them step by step.
  • What to do if you are not earning enough income out of your business. Learn how large companies make money hand over fist. See how these techniques can be easily be applied to your small business. See how successful business owners do this on page 47.
  • When is it ok to pull out a handsome salary out of your business. Successful business owners show you how to make great profits and have the lifestyle you dreamed of.

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Profits Driven - Book

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