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Small Business Kit

I will show you:

  1. What type of entity you should be.

  2. What type of entity you should be taxed as.

  3. How to form a LLC or Corporation without an Attorney or CPA, on your own.

  4. We explain in video and workbook on how this structure works

    1. and how you use it

    2. and what you need to know

    3. and what you need to do.

  5. We show you how to get your own tax identification number online.

  6. We show you how to file form 2553 to become a S-Corporation - if neccessary.

  7. We show you how a S-corporation operates.

  8. We show you how to pay yourself through payroll and distributions

  9. We show you whether you need to make quarterly filings and how.

  10. We teach you how to make proforma budgets for business plans, and other budgets.

  11. We teach you how to make sales budgets by service or items.

  12. We show you how to compile your own profit and loss statement so you can save thousands in accounting fees.

  13. You will receive 10+ videos, workbooks, and spread sheets, and much more with some phone and email support.

  14. Half hour phone consultation with Brad Filmanowicz, CPA, MBA, EA

Click Here To Get Your Free Book,

How To Build A Very Profitable Business.

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