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FREE New Book Reveals How To Get A Hold Of Your Company Finances, without spending years learning accounting and finance. 

Dear Friend, If you’d like to learn how to use your accounting and small business finance to dramatically increase your profits… even if you know nothing about accounting… this is the most important book you’ll ever read.

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Hey, if you want to massively increase your company’s profits, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read, and by the way, yes, this book really Free.

But before I tell you about it, let me make something perfectly clear. This isn't one of those get-rich-quick websites that promises you a fortune for doing nothing.

Here's the deal. What you're getting is working great for me, and it's the exact system I've used to create a very healthy bottom line in my business and many of my clients.

But there's a serious catch.

Here it is. What I'm giving you has helped build very successful companies for many different types of businesses. For example, I helped chiropractor go from an annual income of 100k to over seven figures in one full year. And then he double his income the very next year. I saved an oncology medical practice from bankruptcy, and within four months turned a profit of over $200,000 a month. I've helped doctors, small business owners, lawyers, and even startups generate massive profits using what I'm going to share with you.

HOWEVER, I'm not suggesting that everyone or anyone who reads this book is going to make massive profits or any money at all for that matter.

I don't know how much the people who read it will make. It's likely that many or most of them will make little or nothing at all, especially if they don't follow the directions and work hard.

Chances are, you and I have never met, so I'm not about to insult your intelligence by telling you this book will make you rich. At the end of the day, you are the only person who can make you rich, not me, not a book, not some seminar speaker, and certainly not the guys in the late-night infomercials.

And now, here's the thing that I'm going to try to pitch you.

With that said…let me jump right in and show you…

Exactly What You’re Getting

First of all, this isn’t like any business book you’ve read. There’s no fluff or filler – just battle-tested tactics that are working right now.

And it is easy to read.

At 81 pages, you can read it in an afternoon. And you’ll immediately “get” the entire system I personally use in my business and my clients use to boost their company’s bottom line… by spending as little as 10 minutes a week.

It's about more than just accounting and finance techniques. See, you can use the same system in this book and apply it to any business you own.

For example, an IT recruiting firm used the same strategies in the book to go from break-even to very profitable within a year. He reviewed his general ledger and learned how to benchmark his Profit and Loss to his industry. The result was from getting by to make several hundreds of thousands a year in profits.

We showed a medical billing client whom for years was not profitable, by bench-marking his Profit and Loss Statement to the industry how he would be very profitable by making a few easy changes.

I currently use the same system to help a multiple location dental practice increase their sales and margin. By using the sales budget techniques outlined in this book, we determine what are the best services to market and to not only bring in new patients, but what services to market, and how to get the most profit margin.

Like I said, there's more to this little book than just how to use accounting and finance techniques.

  • How to be a super star CFO in your business, even if you do not know accounting.

  • You need more sales to make your business profitable, right? Wrong! Learn the secrets of successful business owners, who spend 10 minutes a week looking at simple reports that make them very successful and very profitable. See page 5

  • 2 reports to review weekly to control your business costs and boost profits.

  • Where to find profits in your company, now.

  • How to eliminate wasteful spending and boost profits.

  • You should never have to worry about having enough money in the bank to meet this weeks’ payroll.

  • Why your accountant will not help you. This is not work your local accountant typically does or has the experience in. This is a both accounting and finance, and your accountant most likely does not have these finance skills.

  • Say goodbye to poor cash flow. See how to cut expenses and boost profit on page 29.

  • The truth about why some business owners make a killing and whys most get killed. These battle tested simple weekly procedures take about 10 minutes a week and the successful swear by them. See case study on page 6 that walks you through them step by step.

  • What to do if you are not earning enough income out of your business. Learn how large companies make money hand over fist. See how these techniques can be easily be applied to your small business. See how successful business owners do this on page 54.

  • When is it ok to pull out a handsome salary out of your business. Successful business owners show you how to make great profits and have the lifestyle you dreamed of.

You’re right. This is a lot of important battle tested techniques for you to manage and improve your company’s finances. The great news is these are very easy to implement into your business. It is something that 95% of the small business owners do not do. Which is why 95% of small business do not do well financially. But the 5% who do them, have profits that rock!

But it gets better, because you are also getting, bench-marking, how you compare to your industry. Break-even analysis, learn what impacts your break-even point and then you will know how to maximize your profits. Key Performance Indicators, you only need to track a couple of these, learn how to find the ones for your company, and how to use them to increase your profits.

But it gets even better because you’re also getting the advanced financial techniques for making your business very profitable. Though out this book you’re getting complete blueprints for the most powerful financial techniques ever deployed in any industry.

You’ll learn how to master your finances without having to study years of accounting or finance. These simple but very effective methods has been given me and my client’s great profits for over twenty years and very few business owners are doing it.

The best part of this is that it’s designed for people who hate accounting and finance.

Listen if you don’t like accounting or finance, you’re not alone. I hate doing my own accounting. I’d literally rather do hard manual labor than do my own bank reconciliation.

And that’s why I’ve designed this system I’ll be giving you though out this book.

When you use it, two things will happen.

First, you’ll be of awe of what is going on in your business. You will know what exactly is going on in your business. So many things will pop out at you, many of these you had no idea was going on. The fixes too, many of these problems will be so simple to fix, once you see them.

This is really important to you because your gut is telling you there is something wrong. But the numbers do not lie, your issues will stick out like a sore thumb and the solutions will most likely be simple fixes. But it is important for you to know what the real problems are, not what you think they are. You will have a system of finances which will allow you to work on your business and not in it. A system that will tell you want is going on without you being there.

The next thing you will notice is this: You’ll know where to save money. You will see so much waste. Most of these will be simple cancellations of services you are no longer using.  You will see so many ways you could save money.

That’s because of the way the system works.

Here's what to do next. The book is FREE and you get it instantly as a download. As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated receipt with a link to download the book directly in your email. You can access it anywhere immediately without having to wait for the mailman.

Oh, one more thing. You’re also going to get a videos series of 20 tax tips. Anyway, I have created 20 short videos on tax tips on how to save thousands on your income taxes. You will need these tax tips after you implement the material from the book into your business. And by the way, these are only available to my existing clients. These range from very simple tax tips to advance. These will save you thousands on your taxes. I intend to package these videos and sell them for $995 in the future. There is no charge for this. I want you to have this as my gift for checking out my book.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, yes, of course there’s a money back guarantee. In fact, I think it’s the boldest guarantee in the world.

I 100% guarantee you’ll love this book and the tax tip videos.

How's that for fair?

This is truly a limited offer, so claim your copy now before they're all gone.

Enter Email To Get The Free Book- Now

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